INNOVATIVE performances


What can we learn about the way Jazz musicians work and play together that will enhance the way we work together in organizations? 

After members of a Jazz ensemble are done playing a great song or set -- when they've been able to get really "out there" -- so often they say that the only thing on their mind is, "How soon can we do that again?" 

How often do you walk out of a meeting in your organization and ask yourself, "How soon can we do that again?"  If your organization is like most, the answer is, "Rarely."

During Innovative Performances Jazz shows, participants both hear great live music and interact with members of a Jazz band to learn more about what it takes to create world class performances.  Innovative Performances Jazz shows represent the best in "Edutainment" -- education combined with entertainment.


Lessons for Leadership from jazz

“Do not fear mistakes.  There are none.”

  - - Miles Davis

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